SMT-V: Society for Music Theory Videocast Journal


SMT-V is a peer-reviewed publication consisting of videos of short to moderate length to be hosted on—or accessible by links from—the SMT website.

  • The videos should deal with some scholarly aspect of music theory or analysis, geared either towards the music theory professional or towards members of the educated public. Although some videos might deal with topics of music theory pedagogy research, they should not be geared directly towards beginning harmony students.
  • The videos should be self-standing, not adjuncts to a written text.
  • The final screens of the videos could contain a bibliography and acknowledgements.
  • The videos will be published one at a time on a regular basis, with previous videos archived on the website.


  • SMT-V is overseen by an Editor who organizes the vetting of the videos, along with an Associate Editor who aids with the technical details.
  • Members of an Editorial Board help vet the videos.


  • Those wishing to publish a video on SMT-V should first submit a written proposal summarizing the proposed project. The proposal is adjudicated by members of the Editorial Board, who will consider if the project is appropriate.
  • If the proposed project is judged to be appropriate, the author is then invited to prepare a draft of the video (with no promise yet of publication). The submitted video draft will be adjudicated again, this time for content and style. At this stage, it might no longer be possible for the video author to remain anonymous. If this is the case, the reviewers ideally should not remain anonymous at this stage, either.
  • Using feedback from the Editorial Board, the authors work with the Associate Editors to help ready the video for publication, adding a standard “cover page” with the title, author’s name, and publication data. If necessary (and possible), the Associate Editors might help the author add minor technical features. Currently, we lack the ability to make major changes, so the final versions of the videos sent by the authors should be more or less in publishable form.

To submit a proposal, and for all queries, please contact incoming Editor Poundie Burstein at

Submissions guidelines are available here.

Editorial Board

Incoming Editor: Poundie Burstein (Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY):
Incoming Associate Editor: Seth Monahan (Eastman School of Music):
Editor: Scott Murphy (University of Kansas)
Associate Editors: Anna Gawboy (The Ohio State University) and Bryn Hughes (University of Lethbridge)

  • David Bashwiner (University of New Mexico) (2018)
  • Stephen Brown (Northern Arizona University) (2017)
  • Karen Fournier (University of Michigan) (2017)
  • Steven Reale (Youngstown State University) (2017)
  • Peter Schubert (McGill University) (2017)
  • Elaine Sisman (Columbia University) (2018)
  • Janet Schmalfeldt (Tufts University) (2018)
  • Daphne Tan (University of Toronto) (2019)
  • Simon Zagorsky Thomas (University of West London) (2018)