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japanese maple leaf
September 5, 2021
With articles by Chiu, Martinkus, Terrigno, Emmery, Beaudoin, Perry, Levy, Karnes, Hall, and Morrison; review by De Souza.
SMT Newsletter graphic
August 30, 2021
The August 2021 SMT Newsletter has been published! 
July 30, 2021
SMT-V 7.5, “Understanding Turkish Classical Makam: Identifying Modes Through Characteristic Melodies” by Adem Merter Birson, is now available at
July 19, 2021
July 30 is the deadline for requesting a subvention grant.
inserting ballot
June 24, 2021
Election results: Áine Heneghan (Vice President-elect), Chelsea Burns and Daphne Tan (Members-at-Large)
sea turtle
June 21, 2021
With articles by Karpinski, Chenette, Gates, Marvin, Schumann, Boyle, Smith, Shupe, Donaldson, Hahn, Kozak; reviews by Duguay and Kovaciny.
Baseball stands
June 7, 2021
SMT-V 7.4, “I Don’t Care if I Never Get Back: Optimism and Ascent in ‘Take Me Out To The Ball Game’” by Michael Buchler, is now available at