SMT endorses several platforms for dialogue amongst members.

   SMT Discuss Forums

SMT Discuss is the primary online platform for discussion among members of the Society for Music Theory. Its purpose is to provide a forum for the sharing, discussion, and debate of ideas; for posting questions; and for gathering information. Although the tone of SMT Discuss is informal, it is intended to be an extension of the type of discourse that takes place at theory conferences. View the guidelines for SMT Discuss.

   Smt-announce email list

Smt-announce is a moderated email list intended for the distribution of announcements of interest to the professional music theory community. Those wishing to receive or post announcements to this list must subscribe to the list. The smt-announce list information page allows you to subscribe, change settings (including to receive mail in digest form), view list archives, and unsubscribe.

SMT-announce guidelines
  1. List subscription is open only to current members of the Society for Music Theory. Any list subscriber may post messages to the list.
  2. Messages are restricted to announcements of interest to members of the professional music theory community. These might include items such as conference announcements, calls for papers, new journal issues, new books, job postings, and advertisements for commercial products (subject to restrictions outlined below). The list may also be used for official communications from the officers, committee chairs, and editors of SMT. The moderator will reject all other postings.
  3. Advertisements for commercial products (including software) are allowed so long as they are (1) relevant to the list membership, and (2) informational in tone (no marketing hype, references to competing products, or negative language). The Networking Ombuds Subommittee will review all advertisements before distribution. Advertisements for commercial products will be limited to one announcement per six-month period.
  4. Announcements will be distributed as soon as they are approved by the moderator. smt-announce will also be available in digest form for members wishing to receive e-mail less frequently. Members wishing to announce conferences, calls for papers, etc. should submit their postings in advance of the first of the month.
  5. Appeals relating to rejected messages may be made to the SMT Networking Ombuds Subcommittee. The Networking Ombuds Subcommittee's decision may be appealed to the SMT Executive Board, whose decision is final.

   Humanities Commons

The SMT Humanities Commons page serves as a professional and academic social networking platform.

Humanities Commons groups are useful for file sharing (e.g., for distributing open-access scholarship) and establishing individual academic profiles. Many are already familiar with the for-profit entity; Humanities Commons is an open-access and not-for-profit alternative run by the Modern Language Association. Scholars are encouraged to join the SMT Group and upload any scholarship in this forum.

Humanities Commons also provides shared platform with other professional societies, such as the American Musicological Society. Some interest groups have also made their own Humanities Commons pages.

   Social Media

The SMT has a presence on Facebook and Twitter (@SMT_musictheory).

   Interest Groups

Various Interest Groups associated with SMT also maintain special interest online discussion lists.


Smt-talk was an email-based communication platform that was active for many years but that has since been replaced by SMT Discuss. View the archives of the discussions (from February 2009-January 2015) on SMT Talk.