The deadline for the 2022 travel grants has passed.


These grants are made possible in part by donations from the SMT-Forward campaign.


SMT offers a limited number of grants to help defray family care costs for those whose attendance at the Annual Meeting incurs extra family care expenses.

Please note that SMT itself does not provide for, arrange for, or recommend any specific family care services.


Any current SMT member with additional family care expenses caused by participating in the annual meeting may apply.


Typically up to 4 awards are given, with a maximum award of $400.

Application process

To apply for a family care grant, please fill out the online Family Care Grant application form.

The application asks for:

  • A funding statement, which should include information about any funding available to you for the conference and specific expenses (including dollar amounts) for which you are applying
  • A family care statement, which should explain the circumstances of family care you will encounter in order to participate in the conference

For any questions, please contact the SMT Executive Director.


  The deadline for the 2022 travel grants has passed.