Your annual gift, when combined with others, will provide a lasting foundation for the growth and flourishing of our Society.

SMT Forward is the successor to SMT 40, a highly successful five-year campaign that added over $80,000 to our fund-functioning-as-endowment. This new initiative seeks to sustain the culture of giving that has led over a fourth of our members to make significant financial contributions to the Society by encouraging annual giving.

Accrued interest from our endowment helps support Minority and International Travel, Childcare (now Family Care), and Accessibility Grants for attendees of the SMT annual meeting, Graduate-Student and Peer-Learning Workshops, and various subventions to assist with research travel and publication expenses. Your generosity helped us initiate the SMT 40 Dissertation Fellowship, as well as grants that expand our annual meeting’s offerings, including the Diversity Committee’s Luncheon, the Professional Development Committee’s Student Breakfast, and special programs by standing committees and interest groups. In the future we hope to enhance our support of underserved members, and to fund initiatives to expand our reach both locally and internationally.

The Society for Music Theory has grown to around 1200 members, with around 150 actively serving as volunteers on various committees and boards each year. From its inception, the culture of giving one’s time for volunteer activities has been a great strength of our Society. Countless hours go into editing our professional journals, planning and organizing annual meetings, selecting winners of awards, and many other ongoing activities of the Society, to the benefit of us all.

The SMT Forward campaign encourages each member of SMT to support our Society financially as well, acknowledging the many benefits we enjoy as members of SMT. Consider how the Society has fostered your own career development, through workshops, panels and special sessions, solo paper presentations, articles and reviews in Spectrum and MTO, and videos sponsored by SMT-V. Think about all the ways you have enjoyed the benefits of networking and fellowship through annual meetings, as well as having shared resources through the website and conversations on Facebook. Then, consider what you can give annually in appreciation for SMT’s investment in your life as a music theorist, composer, performer, teacher and scholar. Your annual gift, when combined with others, will provide a lasting foundation for the growth and flourishing of our Society.


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