The Conference Guides Program, sponsored by the Professional Development Committee, offers a simple and informal means for longer-term SMT members to welcome and connect with newer members. This program plays an important role in making the conference—and discipline—welcoming to all.

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Image by Greg Montani

Sign up to participate in the Conference Guides Program

We need both Conference Guides (longer-term SMT members) and participants. Sign up to indicate your interest. 

If this is your first in-person SMT conference, then we especially encourage you to sign up as a participant! It’s a great way to meet seasoned members of SMT.

Sign up to serve as a Guide or be partnered with a Guide here. All newer attendees who register online will be paired up with a Guide in advance of the conference and invited to attend a meet-and-greet at the beginning of the conference (Thursday at 1:00pm). More information will be sent out via email.

This year we will also pilot a new option for new attendees to be paired with a Guide at registration. Volunteer Guides who aren't paired with anyone in advance and who are willing to be on call via text message may be paired with a newer attendee at the conference. If you are a seasoned SMT member, please consider volunteering to be "on call"! We hope this will increase participation in the program.