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Mission Statement

The Film and Multimedia Interest Group (FMIG) strives to create a scholarly space to stimulate and disseminate research on music (broadly understood to include sound) within film, game, and multimedia, employing well-established music analytical methodologies, as well as newly developed analytical frameworks. By extension, this group will seek to facilitate dialogue and collaboration with researchers working in cognition, musicology, and allied fields. Regular activities include planning special sessions, coordinating discussion groups and roundtables, maintaining a discussion platform, compiling non-commercially available scores, and creating resources (bibliographies and other documents) for the membership at large.

E-mail Listserv

Any SMT members are invited to join the FMIG e-mail listserv. We use this listserv to make announcements, initiate discussions, and generally facilitate communication amongst our members. To subscribe, go to:

    (or you can e-mail Tahirih Motazedian and ask her to subscribe you)

(Remember: you must be a member of SMT to join FMIG.)

The list archive can be viewed here:

Discussion Platform

FMIG hosts a discussion forum on SMT Discuss, under the Film and Multimedia category. We encourage any and all to post questions or discussion points here (you don't have to be a member of FMIG to join in the conversation).


The Film and Multimedia Interest Group has created an open, crowd-sourced Bibliography. The aim of this bibliography is to provide a resource for music theorists to discover and share in the small but growing literature on music in film, television, video games, and sonic multimedia. Any user may add literature they believe may contribute to this field, so long as it fits within the (broadly conceived) interests and intellectual frameworks of music theory.

Call for Proposals

FMIG is pleased to host our third year of lightning talks at SMT 2017 in Arlington, VA.

Please see our Call for Papers for details on submitting your proposal!


To fill out a collection titled Double Lives: Film Composers in the Concert Hall, editor James Wierzbicki invites scholarly essays of between 5,000 and 7,000 words that deal with 'iconic' film composers who in spite of their busy studio schedules nevertheless maintained life-long careers as composers for the concert hall.

The title borrows unashamedly from Mikos Rozsa's 1982 autobiography *Double Life*, which in turn borrows from a 1947 murder-thriller for which Rozsa provided the score. The film concerns an actor whose professional and private lives become fatally entangled, and "this is precisely what I have always been at pains to ensure did not happen in the case of my own professional life," Rozsa writes in the Prologue. "My 'public' career as composer for films ran alongside my 'private' development as composer for myself, or at least for nonutilitarian purposes: two parallel lines, and in the interests of both my concern has always been to prevent them meeting."

Already commissioned are essays on the concert music of Rozsa, Georges Auric, Don Banks, Bernard Herrmann, Jerome Moross, Ennio Morricone, Leonard Rosenman, and Laura Rossi. Especially sought are essays dealing with the concert music of Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Zbigniew Preisner, Nino Rota, Franz Waxman, and John Williams, but suggestions for essays on other composers are welcomed.

The book will be published in 2018. Persons interested in contributing should send a proposal of ca. 300 words and a brief C.V. to by 30 June 2017.


Upcoming Events

Related conferences:

     None at the moment. (Let Tahirih know if you know of any that should be added)

SMT Conference Activities

Here is a list of FMIG activities from Annual Meetings of the SMT:

SMT 2017 (Arlington, VA)
   > Another round of lightning talks this year! The Call for Proposals is now available.

SMT 2016 (Vancouver, BC)
   > This year, we hosted a joint program with the proposed AMS Music and Media Study Group
   > Lightning Talks program

SMT 2015 (St. Louis, MO)
   > FMIG-related talks
   > Meeting Minutes
   > Lightning Talks
   > Photo of the illustrious Bill O'Hara, engaged in scholarly activities, driving the video game demonstration for Enoch Jacobus' lightning talk, kept in line by rigorous time-keeper Jim Buhler

SMT 2014 (Milwaukee, WI)
   > FMIG-related talks
   > Video Games Session
   > Meeting Minutes
   > Photos from the Video Games Session

SMT 2013 (Charlotte, NC)
   > FMIG-related talks - coming soon
   > Meeting Minutes


Mark Richards, chair
Tahirih Motazedian, vice-chair