Global New Music Interest Group

Mission statement

To create a platform for scholars to research underrepresented and neglected new music from around the world, considering the dynamics of musical canonicity and marginality, as well as insider/outsider perspectives and postcolonial issues.

Mailing list

The group maintains a mailing list at!aboutgroup/smt-global-new-music-interest-group.

2017 activities

At the 2017 meeting of the SMT in Arlington, VA, the following papers were presented at the interest group meeting.

  • Tomoko Deguchi (Winthrop University): Toru Takemitsu (Japan), Far Calls. Coming, far! (1980)
  • Anton Vishio (William Paterson University): Jo Kondo (Japan), Paregmenon (2011)
  • Barry Wiener (NYC): Akemi Naito (Japan/NY), The Woman in the Dunes for Solo Percussionist (2012, NY)
  • Jungmin Lee (Montclair State University): Unsuk Chin (South Korea/Germany), Cello Concerto, 2008 (rev. 2013, premiered in London 2009)
  • Gavin Lee (Soochow University, China): John Sharpley (USA/Singapore), Emptiness (2002, Singapore)
  • Amy Baur (UC Irvine): Helena Tulve (Estonia), L'Équinoxe de l'âme (The Equinox of the Soul) (2008)
  • Ya-Hui Cheng (University of South Florida): Cui Jian (PRC), A Piece of Red Cloth (1991)