Music Theory Pedagogy Interest Group

Mission Statement

The Music Theory Pedagogy Interest Group promotes the pedagogy of music theory within the SMT and serves as a conduit for all things pedagogical to the broader community of musicians. We construe "music theory pedagogy" to include both the scholarly study of and the applied practice of teaching all areas of music theory, including rudiments, harmony, analysis, counterpoint, figured bass, aural skills, keyboard harmony, and other such subdisciplines.


This group plans and presents special sessions and convenes discussion groups and roundtables at the annual meetings of the SMT. It also maintains an e-list to discuss topics of interest and coordinate presentations and research activities.


To subscribe to the group's online discussion e-list, click on this link and follow the directions. Music theory pedagogy discussions may also be found on Twitter (#mtped).


For more information on the how to join the Music Theory Pedagogy Interest Group and participate in its activities, please contact Daniel Stevens (Chair),