Popular Music Interest Group

Mission Statement

Founded in 1998, the SMT Popular Music Interest Group is dedicated to promoting the scholarly study of popular music through methods including musical analysis and theory. Our goals include:

  • Ensuring academic recognition for popular music research.
  • Encouraging more scholars of music theory to engage popular repertoires.
  • Encouraging scholars of popular music to make effective use of musical analysis and theory.

Web site

A web site maintained by the members of the SMT Popular Music Interest Group may be found at http://popmusic.societymusictheory.org.


The activities of this group include:

  • Proposing and presenting special sessions or round tables at the SMT Annual Meetings.
  • Holding a meeting at the SMT Annual Meetings for networking and exchange of ideas.
  • Hosting a large online discussion group.
  • The development of a website dedicated to promoting the goals of the Popular Music Interest Group.
  • Granting an annual award to an outstanding publication in the field of popular music theory and analysis.

Pop-Analysis Listserv

Anyone interested in the scholarly study of popular music is invited to join or visit SMT-Pop's electronic discussion list (pop-analysis). To subscribe, go to:

Listserv members may post messages by mailing:

List Archives are housed here:

List Archives from the listserv prior to January 2010 are housed at the following site:
http://listserv.unc.edu (search for "pop-analysis").

Past and Future Conference Activities

On its website, Popular Music Interest Group provides a list of its activities that will take place or have taken place during past and upcoming Annual Meetings of the SMT.


For more information about the SMT Popular Music Interest Group, to find out how to join this group and participate in its activities, or for questions about this web page, please contact the Chair of the Popular Music Interest Group.