The following guidelines apply to posts on the SMT Humanities Commons Group.

  1. All posts to the Society for Music Theory (SMT) group on Humanities Commons must adhere to the Humanities Commons Guidelines for Participation. Humanities Commons may remove any posting they determine to be inappropriate.
  2. Posts to the SMT Humanities Commons group should align with the Humanities Commons mission of sharing open-access scholarship and teaching materials. Other types of posts may be better suited for the SMT-Announce listserv.
  3. The SMT Humanities Commons group is not an appropriate forum for messages intended to stimulate discussion or to elicit personal replies.
  4. Users who publish posts that are deemed inappropriate for the SMT Humanities Commons group will be removed from the group. Repeated attempts will result in a ban from the group.
  5. Users who are removed or banned from the group may appeal to the SMT Networking Ombuds Subcommittee. The subcommittee’s decision may be appealed to the SMT Executive Board, whose decision is final.