The SMT is committed to the ideals of justice, dignity, and equality for all peoples, and to open dialogue in a climate of inclusivity. In response to social and political events that infringe on these values, we believe that ongoing activities and strategic new initiatives within the SMT, as consistent with the Society's mission and of long-term benefit to our members, will ultimately speak louder than words. These include:

  • Current venues for proactive forms of dialogue: Interest Groups such as Scholars for Social Responsibility and World Music Analysis; the Standing Committees on the Status of Women, Diversity, and Professional Development; and the Program Committee, all of which serve critical functions in the Society and address our shared values.
  • Recent actions that speak to the Society’s commitment to outreach and diversity: the establishment of the International Senior Scholar Grant; the international panel invited to the 2017 Plenary Session; the Advanced Placement music theory outreach program initiated by the Committee on Race and Ethnicity and the Pedagogy Interest Group.
  • Ongoing actions of the Society: developing, cultivating, and participating in dedicated roundtables, webinars, panels, and establishing other collegial environments to address political, ethical, and moral issues.

We encourage respectful dialogue among members that fosters the principles of diversity, inclusivity, and equitability that enable us to come together as scholars, teachers, and concerned individuals. We will continue to nourish freedom of expression with the collegiality that has always characterized our academic Society.