We are pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of Music Theory Spectrum.

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The editorial team at Music Theory Spectrum is pleased to announce publication of issue 46/1 (spring 2024). The issue continues Spectrum's long tradition of publishing the highest quality scholarship reflecting the broad diversity of the field, with articles applying a vast array of methodologies, including transformational theory, George Russell's "The Concept," and new Formenlehre, to repertoire ranging from hip hop and the great American songbook, to Robert Schumann and Ravel, and music adapting "pre-existing cultural forms to mediate ideas about Asian American identities." Spectrum is also committed to fostering discussions about the current state of the discipline, as reflected in colloquies in recent issues on reframing music theory (43/2) and perspectives on inclusion (45/1); a forthcoming issue (47/1) continues the tradition with essays on public music theory.

The online version of Spectrum supports the most advanced technologies of audio-video exemplification, as demonstrated by Kara Yoo Leaman's article on Balanchine's choreographic musicality in 44/2. The editorial team is committed to providing decisions on submissions within an 8–10 week timeframe and is eager to receive manuscripts on all manner of topics.


Lyricist as Analyst: Rhyme Scheme as Music-Setting in the Great American Songbook
John Y Lawrence

Antifocal Anaphoras in Hip-Hop Vocals
Mitchell Ohriner

Diatonic Voice-Leading Transformations
Leah Frederick

When Intra- and Interthematic Functions Collide: Conflation in Robert Schumann’s Orchestral Sonata Forms
Matthew Poon

The Limited and The Limitless: Harmonic Voltas and Puns in the Third Movement of Ben Johnston’s Seventh String Quartet
Laurence Sinclair Willis

Radically Inconspicuous Absence: Truncated Sonata Forms in Interwar Paris
Damian Blättler

Naamyam, Creative Music, and Immigrant Act: Meditations on Jon Jang’s Musical Setting of Genny Lim’s “Burial Mound”
Ho Chak Law

Adventures in Tonal Gravity: George Russell’s Analysis of Maurice Ravel’s “Forlane”
Marc E Hannaford


The Music in the Data: Corpus Analysis, Music Analysis, and Tonal Traditions
Matt Chiu