This yearly award, made possible by the SMT-40 campaign, is intended to recognize and foster excellent research in music theory by helping highly qualified Ph.D. students to complete their dissertations.


Michèle Duguay (CUNY Graduate Center)
“Gendering the Virtual Space: Sonic Femininities and Masculinities in Contemporary Top 40 Music”

Toru Momii (Columbia University)
“Rethinking Transpacific Boundaries: Analyzing Interculturality in Contemporary Japanese Music”


Ben Duinker (McGill University)
“Diversification and Post-Regionalism in North American Hip-Hop Flow”

Leah Frederick (Indiana University)
“Generic (Mod-7) Geometric and Transformational Approaches to Voice Leading in Tonal Music”


Miriam Piilonen (Northwestern University)
“Resonating Subjects: Music and Emotion in Victorian Evolutionary Thought”

Derek Remeš (Hochschule für Musik Freiburg)
“Thoroughbass, Chorale, and Fugue: Reconstructing J. S. Bach’s Fundamental-Regeln Through Historical Sources”


Antares Boyle (University of British Columbia)
“Formation and Process in Repetitive Post-Tonal Music”


Kristen Wallintensen (Western University)
"Fuzzy Family Ties: Familial Similarity between Melodic Contours of Different Cardinalities”