This yearly award, made possible by the SMT-40 campaign, is intended to recognize and foster excellent research in music theory by helping highly qualified Ph.D. students to complete their dissertations.


Year Recipient Institution Dissertation Title
2023 Lina Sofia Tabak CUNY Graduate Center ’I Can’t Feel It That Way’: Theorizing Metric Complexity in Colombian Zapateo Genres
2023 Siavash Sabetrohani University of Chicago Music Theory between the Public Sphere and Nationalism in Eighteenth-Century Berlin
2022 Kája Lill University of Michigan "Harmonic Function: Riemann and his Czech Reception"
2022 Anna Yu Wang Harvard University "Intuitions and Musicalities: Theory, Analysis, and Ethnography across Two Sinitic Opera Traditions"
2021 Michèle Duguay CUNY Graduate Center “Gendering the Virtual Space: Sonic Femininities and Masculinities in Contemporary Top 40 Music”
2021 Toru Momii Columbia University “Rethinking Transpacific Boundaries: Analyzing Interculturality in Contemporary Japanese Music”
2020 Ben Duinker McGill University “Diversification and Post-Regionalism in North American Hip-Hop Flow”
2020 Leah Frederick Indiana University “Generic (Mod-7) Geometric and Transformational Approaches to Voice Leading in Tonal Music”
2019 Miriam Piilonen Northwestern University “Resonating Subjects: Music and Emotion in Victorian Evolutionary Thought”
2019 Derek Remeš Hochschule für Musik Freiburg “Thoroughbass, Chorale, and Fugue: Reconstructing J. S. Bach’s Fundamental-Regeln Through Historical Sources”
2018 Antares Boyle University of British Columbia “Formation and Process in Repetitive Post-Tonal Music”
2017 Kristen Wallintensen Western University “Fuzzy Family Ties: Familial Similarity between Melodic Contours of Different Cardinalities”
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September 18, 2023