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Mission statement

The focus of the Composition Interest Group is on the interaction between composition and music theory. We explore the ways in which compositional activity influences theory and analysis, and vice versa. 


The Composition Interest Group  plans group meetings at SMT and proposes special sessions.  

Online presence and discussion

The Composition Interest Group has an e-mail list using the SMT listserv. Join the email list here.

How to join

There are no requirements for membership; simply attend our meetings at annual SMT meetings to participate. Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings at SMT. Please subscribe to the Composition Interest Group listserv  to keep abreast of the group’s activities, or contact the co-chairs.  

Leadership and Contact Info
Role Name Email
Co-chair Clifton Callender ccallender@admin.fsu.edu
Co-chair David Temperley  dtemperley@esm.rochester.edu