In response to the precautionary measures many institutions have taken against COVID-19, we have started a collaborative doc (like Google Docs) on our Humanities Commons (HC) page for sharing pedagogical materials and technology tips that would be helpful during this time.

Linking a resource

The files under the Docs tab are collaborative and open to editing—like a Google doc. We urge all members to consider adding any links to the document that could help someone teach online, whether created by you or someone else. Current categories in the Table of Contents are:

  • Open access articles, books, and textbooks
  • Websites with Music Theory Content
  • Websites with Ear Training Content
  • YouTube Channels
  • Technology tips and guides

Anyone may contribute to the doc directly—there is no need to email someone first. You just need to log in, and if you haven’t already, sign up for the group.

Add a link to a resource

Uploading your own files

The HC page can also host any files you wish to share that are not already on the internet elsewhere. You can do this under the Files tab

Upload your materials