The editorial staff welcomes readers to Music Theory Online 25.4.

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The editorial staff welcomes readers to Music Theory Online 25.4, with articles from Jennifer Beavers, Barbara Bleij, Ben Duinker, Philip Ewell, and Patrice Nicolas, and reviews from Judith Lochhead and Timothy Koozin.

From the Editorial Staff at MTO:

On behalf of the editorial staff, we welcome readers to Music Theory Online 25.4. In this issue, Jennifer Beavers asserts the importance of timbre in interpretation of a Ravel Piano Concerto, Barbara Bleij similarly takes a multi-parametric approach to analysis of three “postbop” pieces by Wayne Shorter, Ben Duinker introduces the concepts of plateau loops and hybrid tonics as means to interpret harmony in recent pop/EDM hybrids, Philip Ewell provides detailed discussion of Boleslav Yavorsky’s reinvention of the Russian term lād as applied to quasi-tonal and post-tonal music, and Patrice Nicolas defends the historical device of the règle de l’octave against both Rameau and some contemporary commentary. Judith Lochhead contributes a review-essay on an important anthology, Music in Time, and Timothy Koozin offers a report on the recent conference at Eastman about the Beatles’ Abbey Road album.