We are pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of Music Theory Online. 

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Fall is in the air and a new issue of Music Theory Online has arrived. Besides a speedy end to the ongoing global pandemic, what could be finer? We at MTO are proud to present our new issue, 27.3 (September 2021).


Mitch Ohriner, editor
Brent Auerbach, associate editor
Inessa Bazayev, associate editor
Jenine Brown, associate editor
Brad Osborn, associate editor
Music Theory Online

Editor’s Message


Matt Chiu – Macroharmonic Progressions through the Discrete Fourier Transform: An Analysis from Maurice Duruflé’s Requiem

Caitlin Martinkus – Schubert’s Large-Scale Sentences: Exploring the Function of Repetition in Schubert’s First-Movement Sonata Forms

Loretta Terrigno – Emergent Modality: Minor-to-Major Progressions as “Tragic-to-Transcendent” Narratives in Brahms’s Solo Songs

Archival Research in Music: New Materials, Methods, and Arguments

Benjamin R. Levy & Laura Emmery – Introduction

Richard Beaudoin – The Pen as Camera: Finnissy and Overexposure

Jeff Perry – Cage’s Imitation Game: Cheap Imitation and Song Books through the Sketches

Benjamin R. Levy – Material Connections: Music and Modernism Across the Arts in the Bruce Goff Collection at the Art Institute of Chicago

Kevin C. Karnes – Disco Culture and the Ritual Journey in the Soviet 1980s

Patricia Hall – Giving Voice to a Foxtrot from Auschwitz-Birkenau

Landon Morrison – Encoding Post-Spectral Sound: Kaija Saariaho’s Early Electronic Works at IRCAM, 1982–87

Laura Emmery – Gender Identity and Gestural Representations in Jonathan Harvey’s String Quartet No. 2


Jonathan De Souza – Review of John Paul Ito, Focal Impulse Theory: Musical Expression, Meter, and the Body (Indiana University Press, 2020)