At each annual meeting, Graduate Student Workshops emphasize instruction, participation, and discussion among graduate students. Information on past workshops is given below.


Year Workshop Title Leader Leader's Institution
2023 Feminist Analysis Rachel Lumsden Florida State University
2023 Marxism, Music Studies, and Hermeneutics Sumanth Gopinath University of Minnesota
2022 Analyzing Hip-Hop through the Music of Daniel Dumile  Kyle Adams Indiana University
2022 Intersections of Music Cognition and Music Theory Pedagogy  Nancy Rogers Florida State University
2021 Deferred until 2022 due to COVID-19    
2020 Analysis of Music and the Musicalized Moving Image Anna Gawboy The Ohio State University
2020 Theorizing Categorically: Film Music and Beyond Scott Murphy University of Kansas
2019 Computer Programming for Corpus Analysis Michael Cuthbert Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2019 Twentieth-century Music in Analysis and Performance: Contexts and Experiments Daphne Leong University of Colorado
2018 Issues in Popular-Music Analysis Nicole Biamonte McGill University
2018 Code Shifting, Chromaticsm, and Modality Dmitri Tymoczko Princeton University
2017 Music-Listener Intersubjectivity Marion Guck University of Michigan
2017 The Craft of Musical Analysis Frank Samarotto Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University
2016 Meter and Form in 19th-Century Music Richard Cohn Yale University
2016 Topics, Phrase Structure, and Sonata Form in Haydn's Chamber Music Danuta Mirka University of Southampton
2015 Schubert’s Modulatory Practice and the History of Tonal Coherence Suzannah Clark Harvard University
2015 Cognitive Science Meets the Orphans Robert Gjerdingen Northwestern University
2014 Exploring Pitch Memory and Melody Perception: Empirical Approaches Elizabeth West Marvin Eastman School of Music
2014 Finding Narratives in Formal Analysis of Popular Music Jocelyn Neal University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2014 Renaissance Instrumental Music Peter Schubert McGill University
2013 The Idea of Musical Form as Process, from Analytic and Performance Perspectives Janet Schmalfeldt Tufts University
2013 What is Metric Well Formedness? Justin London Carleton College
2012 Harmony and Voice Leading in Rock and Pop Music Walt Everett University of Michigan
2012 A Corpus-Based Approach to Tonal Theory Ian Quinn Yale University
2011 Exploring Musical Spaces Julian Hook Indiana University
2010 Stravinsky Gretchen Horlacher Indiana University
2010 Musical Narrative Michael Klein Temple University
2009 Music Pedagogy Brian Alegant Oberlin College
2009 Schenkerian Analysis Poundie Burstein City University of New York
2008 Musical Meaning in Beethoven Robert Hatten Indiana University
2008 Analyzing Contemporary Music John Roeder University of British Columbia
2007 Sonata Theory James Hepokoski and Warren Darcy Yale University and Oberlin College
2007 Analyzing Early Music Cristle Collins Judd Bowdoin College
2006 Voice Leading in Atonal Music Joseph Straus City University of New York
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