At each annual meeting, Peer Learning Program workshops are three-hour seminars led by prominent scholars. Information on past workshops is given below.


Year Workshop Title Leader Leader's Institution
2023 Music Theory Fundamentals Today: Core Skills, Concepts, and Repertories Ian Quinn Yale University
2023 Music and Sound in Political Movements Noriko Manabe Indiana University
2022 Analyzing Musical Instruments: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Possibilities  Jonathan De Souza University of Western Ontario
2022 WORD – MUSIC – IMAGE: Interpreting Multimodal Expression in Popular Music Video  Lori Burns University of Ottawa
2021 Music & Emotion: A Semi-Practical Approach Arnie Cox Oberlin Conservatory of Music
2021 Form and Forming: Schoenbergian Analysis Áine Heneghan University of Michigan
2020 Deferred until 2021 due to COVID-19
2019 Analyzing Soundtracks Jim Buhler University of Texas
2019 Elastic Temporalities: Analyzing Madrigals in Monteverdi's Book V Susan McClary Case Western University
2018 Whose Body/Whose Beat? The Beat as Embodied Phenomenon in Music Theory and Popular Music Mark Butler Northwestern University
2018 Techniques of the Listener Brian Kane Yale University
2017 Music Analysis: what can it do? Judy Lochhead Stony Brook University
2017 Pitch Structure in Indian Classical Music Robert Morris Eastman School of Music
2016 Empirical Approaches to Musical Narrative Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis University of Arkansas
2016 The Musical Language of Il trovatore William Rothstein The Graduate Center and Queens College, City University of New York
2015 Analytical Tools and Approaches to Contemporary Tonal Music Daniel Harrison Yale University
2015 Problematics of World Music Analysis Michael Tenzer University of British Columbia
2014 Writing about Hearing and Making Aggregate-Based Music Andrew Mead Indiana University
2014 Shostakovich's Twelfth String Quartet Patrick McCreless Yale University
2013 Tonal Theory, Tonal Experience Steven Rings University of Chicago
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