Ad Hoc Committees and Subcomittees

Annual Meeting Grants Subcommittee

  • Jan Miyake, Chair (2018), Robert Hatten (2017), Catherine Losada (2017)

Networking Ombuds Subcommittee

  • Robert Hatten (Chair), Brian Moseley (2020), Brian Alegant (2019)
  • (Subcommittee of the Networking Committee)

SMT-40 Dissertation Fellowship Committee

  • John Roeder, Chair (2018); Lee Blasius (2019), Ellie Hisama (2019), and Harald Krebs (2018).

Archives Policy Committee

  • Victoria Long, Chair (2018); Sean Atkinson (2018), Nancy Rogers (2018), Philip Stoecker (2018)

Executive Director Search Committee

  • Eric Isaacson (Chair), Dora Hanninen, Robert Hatten, Daphne Leong, Jan Miyake.

Executive Director Transition Advisory Committee

  • Nancy Rogers (Chair), Dora Hanninen, Robert Hatten, Eric Isaacson, Philip Stoecker