Committee on Diversity

Mission and Activities

Diversity Luncheon 2014

The SMT Committee on Diversity seeks to promote diversity--of race, of culture, of values, and of points of view--within the Society, detailed in its Statement of Purpose (pdf). To this end, the Committee is involved with issues and pursuits in order to:

  • offer a venue for the voicing of concerns about diversity by SMT members, and bring such concerns to the attention of the Executive Board, or the Society as a whole, as the Committee deems appropriate;
  • develop means of offering support, in the form of mentoring, arranging relevant colloquia and other events at national meetings, and so forth, to diverse members of the Society;
  • work with the Committee on Diversity of the American Musicological Society and other scholarly societies in providing program sessions and informal forums at national meetings, encouraging participation in regional societies, and seeking grant support for common initiatives;
  • offer funding for conference attendance through the SMT Minority Travel Grant and the SMT International Travel Grant.

Report on the demographics of the Society (prepared by the Ad Hoc Committee on Demographics)


  • Chair: J. Daniel Jenkins (2017)
  • Teresa Shelton Reed (2017), Ya-Hui Cheng (2017), Lawrence Shuster (2018), Chris Endrinal (2018), José Oliviera Martins (2018), Rachel Lumsden (2019), Noriko Manabe (2019), Somangshu Mukherji (2019)


For any questions pertaining to the SMT Committee on Diversity, please contact J. Daniel Jenkins, Chair.