We are pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of Music Theory Online. 

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We at MTO are proud to present Volume 28, no. 1, with 9 articles, 1 review, and 1 conference report. I hereby excuse you from all teaching responsibilities so that you can read it in its entirety.

Wishing all a happy spring,
-Mitch Ohriner, Editor

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Bruno Alcalde (University of South Carolina) - Mixture Strategies: An Analytical Framework for Musical Hybridity

Zachary Cairns (University of Missouri St. Louis) - Switching the Backbeat: The Quick Flip and Polymetric Pogo in 1980s-era Rock Music

Calder Hannan (Columbia University) - Structural Density and Clarity, Technical Death Metal, and Anomalous’s “Ohmnivalent”

Justin London (Carleton College) - A Bevy of Biases: How Music Theory’s Methodological Problems Hinder Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Alexander Martin (Stetson University) - Tonal Ebb, Sunken II Chords, and Text-Music Correspondences in Robert Schumann’s Lieder

Scott Murphy (University of Kansas) - Three Audiovisual Correspondences in the Main Title for Vertigo

Jay Rahn (York University) - Was Mesopotamian Tuning Diatonic? A Parsimonious Answer

Sam Reenan (Miami University) - Integration, Urbanity, and Multi-Dimensionality in Schoenberg’s First Quartet

Matthew Zeller (McGill University) - Klangfarbenmelodiein 1911: Timbre’s Functional Roles in Webern’s Opp. 9 and 10


Alyssa Barna (University of Minnesota) - Review of Drew Nobile, Form as Harmony in Rock Music(Oxford University Press, 2020)

Conference Report

Ben Duinker (University of Toronto) - Conference report: “Dialogues: Analysis and Performance”