A resource for session chairs, presenters, and monitors of SMT poster sessions


This is a resource for session chairs, presenters, and monitors of SMT poster sessions. For information on how to create and submit your conference materials, view the Presenter Guidelines.

Poster sessions begin as Zoom meetings, but after introductory remarks from the Chair and lightning talks from the Presenters, each poster presentation will have their own individual Zoom meeting room where they can interact with attendees.

Before the session

  • Each session will be assigned a Monitor. Both Chairs and Monitors will be given “host/co-host” privileges. 
  • Presenters, Chairs, and Monitors should join the meeting 10 minutes before the session begins by following the Zoom link on the session page; an administrator will admit you from the waiting room into the meeting.  Shortly after joining the meeting, an administrator will turn over host duties to the Chair(s) and Monitor.
  • During this time:
    • Monitors: make sure that Presenters know how to share their screen, if they’d like to do that. 
    • Monitors: create a breakout room for each poster author(s). Use the presenters’ names to label the rooms. Set the time for the breakout rooms to end. An administrator will provide instructions, if necessary. 
    • Chairs: remind Presenters of the progression of the session, including presentation order and the procedure by which each poster will be sent to an individual meeting room. 
    • In the case of a multi-authored poster, the Monitor should confirm which of the Presenters will be giving the summary so they know which person(s) to unmute for that presentation summary.
    • Chairs/Monitors: if one of your Presenters does not arrive, please contact smt@societymusictheory.org
    • Chairs/Monitors: About one minute before the start time, disable the waiting room feature to admit attendees.
    • Monitors: Start recording the session. 

Session intro

Download a sample script  

  • Chair: Begin the session with a brief intro that includes the session’s title, order of presentations, and information about the presentations being recorded and available through December 31.
  • Chair: communicate to attendees the poster session procedure: after short presentations by the Presenters (no more than five-minutes), each poster Presenter will have their own individual Zoom breakout room where they will be able to interact with attendees.
  • Chair: Read the brief statement (below) about appropriate language and behavior.
  • Monitor: As the Chair reads the statement, post the following links in the chat:

"SMT wishes to create a meeting in which all participants feel safe, welcomed and included. This should be a space of respectful and constructive discourse. To facilitate such an environment, we ask that all attendees refer to and abide by our guidelines on respectful interactions and policies on ethics and harassment."

Presentation summaries

  • Chair: After the session intro, introduce each presentation in turn, giving presentation title and Presenter(s) name(s) and affiliation(s) only. (Presenter biographies will not be read, but may be found on the session page.)
  • Each presentation will have a maximum of 5 minutes for presentation summary. These comments should be prepared ahead of time to ensure appropriate length. Presenters are expected to listen to all of the summaries before heading into their individual Zoom breakout rooms (see Q&A, below).


  • Following the summary of all presentations, each of the Poster Presenters will move to their assigned breakout room where they can interact with attendees.
  • In each of these Zoom breakout rooms, the Presenter(s) and attendees will be able to see each other and interact face-to-face. Presenters may also answer questions that are posted in the Chat.
  • The Chair and Monitor are encouraged to move around from room to room and interact with Presenters.

Session ending

  • Chairs and Monitors have a responsibility to end the session on time. Sessions are expected to last 90 minutes. If this responsibility is not carried out by the Chair or Monitor, an administrator will end the session so that the next meeting of presentations may begin on time.
  • If there is a session following yours, note that your zoom must be vacated no later than 10 minutes before the beginning time of that next session.
  • Chairs: As the session ends, you should point participants to the asynchronous discussion on Slack. At that time, monitors should share a link to the session's Slack so that the discussion can continue.

Session monitor responsibilities

  • The Monitor will create breakout rooms for each presenter(s). 
  • The Monitor will post the following links in the chat window at the beginning of the session:
  • The Monitor will unmute presenters when it is their turn to speak.
  • The Monitor will coordinate with the Chair to monitor the Zoom breakout rooms.
  • The Monitor will follow the Chat to ensure that presenters and attendees respect the SMT guidelines on respectful interactions. 
  • The Monitor is responsible for recording the presentation summary portion of the session.
  • Monitors will post links to the asynchronous Slack discussion in the Zoom chat.

If you need help during the session

  • If there is a technical problem with Zoom, please send an email to smt@societymusictheory.org.
  • If someone in a session is not abiding by the SMT policies on ethics and harassment or guidelines on online interactions, please contact Jennifer Diaz or Patricia Hall
  • If a member of the session (chair, monitor, presenter) fails to appear, please contact Jennifer Diaz.

More Information for SMT 2021

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Information for Presenters at SMT 2021

As part of the virtual SMT annual meeting, conference attendees will have an extended period of time to view supplementary materials before, during, and after the conference begins on November 4th.
October 15, 2021: Presenter registration deadline
October 22, 2021: Deadline to submit supplementary materials.

Guidelines for Respectful Interactions at SMT Virtual Conferences

SMT wishes to create a meeting in which all participants feel safe, welcomed, and included. The items below are suggestions for attendees, including session chairs, to assure that meeting interactions are respectful and inclusive. Session chairs should play an important role in assuring that presenters and audience members are not subject to explicit or implicit displays of bias.