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MTO Webinars (click to expand)
Date Author(s) Title and link
June 6, 2016 Jennifer Snodgrass, Juan Chattah, Melissa Hoag, Jena Root, Elizabeth Sayrs, and Matthew Shaftel Integration, Diversity, and Creativity: Reflections on the 'Manifesto' from the College Music Society
May 1, 2014 John Covach "To MOOC or Not To MOOC?"
July 18, 2012 David Blake Timbre as Differentiation in Indie Music
July 18, 2012 Anna Gawboy and Justin Townsend Scriabin and the Possible
May 29, 2012 Daniel Barolsky andPeter Martens Rendering the Prosaic Persuasive
May 29, 2012 Alan Dodson Solutions to the "Great Nineteenth-Century Rhythm Problem"
May 29, 2012 Michael Schutz and Fiona Manning Looking Beyond the Score
May 25, 2012 Daniel Leech-Wilkinson Compositions, Scores, Performances, Meanings
May 25, 2012 Peter Martens Tactus in Performance
May 25, 2012 Mitchell S. Ohriner Grouping Hierarchy and Trajectories of Pacing in Performances of Chopin's Mazurkas
February 3, 2012 David Temperley Scalar Shifts in Popular Music
January 27, 2012 Julian Hook How to Perform Impossible Rhythms
January 20, 2012 Karen Bottge Reading Adorno's Reading of the Rachmaninov Prelude in C-sharp Minor