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Information on each episode is given below. For more details, go to the SMT-Pod website.

Episode Release date Author Title
1.1 January 13 Scott Murphy “Buxtehude Beats Bach? Qualifying a Canonic Claim”
1.2 January 20 Joe Straus “Musicking While Old: Old Age as Culture” (1/5)
1.3 January 27 John Baxter “The Teardrop Chord: Analyzing the Enigmatic Minor IV Chord in Pop and Film Music”
1.4 February 3 Joe Straus “Musicking While Old: Old Age + Opera” (2/5)
1.5 February 10 Matt Ferrandino “Sonic Identity, Imitation, and Critical Listening in Popular Music”
1.6 February 17 Elizabeth Newton & Franklin Bruno “The Inside of the Tune: Analyzing the Bridge in Pop”
1.7 February 24 Chris Doll “Is Key Real?”
1.8 March 3 Joe Straus “Musicking While Old: Old Composers” (3/5)
1.9 March 10 Nate Mitchell, Sarah A. Gilbert, Timothy Byron, & Justice Srisuk “Facilitating Musical Discussions on Reddit: An Interdisciplinary Conversation"
1.10 March 17 Lucia Pasini “Women composers in fin-de-siècle Paris: Augusta Holmès, Cécile Chaminade, and Jane Vieu”
1.11 March 24 Tyler Howie & Matt Chiu “Untangling and Complicating Generic Boundaries in Post(-Millenial) Punk”
1.12 March 31 Nicholas Hunter “Dialogic and Tropological Processes in Lili Boulanger’s Faust et Hélène”
1.13 April 7 Joe Straus “Musicking While Old: Old Performers” (4/5)
1.14 April 14 Kim Soby with Elizabeth Austin “Misogyny in 19th Century Lieder”
1.15 April 21 Landon Morrison “Making Orchestras Speak/Making Computers Listen”
1.16 April 28 Jennifer Campbell “Journeys Through Middleground: Holding Space Between Academic Analysis and YouTube Entertainment”
1.17 May 5 Joe Straus “Musicking While Old: Old Listeners” (5/5)