We are pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of Music Theory Online. 

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Spring is in the air and a new issue of Music Theory Online has arrived. Besides a speedy end to the ongoing global pandemic, what could be finer? We at MTO are proud to present our new issue, 27.1 (March 2021):


Mitch Ohriner, editor
Brent Auerbach, associate editor
Inessa Bazayev, associate editor
Jenine Brown, associate editor
Brad Osborn, associate editor

Editor’s Message


Richard Beaudoin (Dartmouth College) – Gould’s Creaking Chair, Schoenberg’s Metric Clarity

Jennifer P. Beavers (University of Texas at San Antonio) – Ravel's Sound: Timbre and Orchestration in His Late Works

Jose M. Garza, Jr. (Texas State University) – Transcending Time (Feels): Riff Types, Timekeeping Cymbals, and Time Feels in Contemporary Metal Music

Orit Hilewicz (Eastman School of Music) – Schoenberg’s Cinematographic Blueprint: A Programmatic Analysis of Begleitungsmusik zu einer Lichtspielscene (1929–1930)

Stephen S. Hudson (University of Richmond) – AABA Form and Style Distinction in Heavy Metal

Edwin K. C. Li (Harvard University) – Cantopop and Speech-Melody Complex

Anabel Maler (University of Iowa) and Robert Komaniecki (University of Iowa) – Rhythmic Techniques in Deaf Hip-Hop

Keith Salley (Shenandoah University) – Essay: Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Schoenberg's Klavierstücke, op. 33a


Antares Boyle (Portland State University), Rebecca Leydon (Oberlin College and Conservatory), Paul Sherrill (University of Utah), and Jeffrey Swinkin (University of Oklahoma) – Review of The Oxford Handbook of Critical Concepts in Music Theory, edited by Alexander Rehding and Steven Rings (Oxford University Press, 2019)

Orit Hilewicz (Eastman School of Music) – Review of Sumanth Gopinath and Pwyll ap Siôn, editors, Rethinking Reich (Oxford University Press, 2019)


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