Below is the list of current job postings in the field of music theory. 

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Location Institution Sort descending Position/Rank Preferred Deadline
Washington DC, USA American University Assistant Professor
Ramat Gan, Israel Bar-Ilan University Open Rank, Tenure Track Position in Musicology, Music Theory, Ethnomusicology and Popular Music
Texas, USA Baylor University Dean of the School of Music
Kentucky, USA Berea College Tenure-Track Assistant Professor Music Theory-Wind Ensemble
Massachussetts, USA Berklee College of Music Full Time Faculty, Harmony and Jazz Composition
Indiana, USA Butler University Assistant Professor
Minnesota, USA Carleton College Assistant Professor of Music Theory, Tenure Track
New York, USA Cornell University, Department of Music Assistant Professor, Music and Sound Studies
North Carolina, USA Elon University Assistant Professor, Tenure Track
Florida, USA Florida State University College of Music Assistant professor of music theory, tenure track
Massachussetts, USA Harvard University Assistant Professor
Indiana, USA Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Assistant Professor
New York, USA New York University Librarian for Music (tenure track)
New York, USA New York University Steinhardt Program Administrator, Music Theory and History Program (Full Time)
Ohio, USA Oberlin College Assistant Professor in Music Theory and Aural Skills
California, USA Pepperdine University Assistant Professor of Music - Piano/Theory
Oregon, USA Reed College Visiting Assistant Professor (theory and musicianship)
Oregon, USA Reed College Visiting Assistant Professor (choir)
Canada, USA Sonatico music teachers
New York, USA Syracuse University Assistant Professor of Composition and Theory
Texas, USA Texas State University Part-Time Theory Instructor
Ohio, USA The Ohio State University Assistant Professor of Music Theory
California, USA University of California, Santa Barbara Collection Strategist Librarian
Colorado, USA University of Colorado Boulder Assistant Professor of Music Theory
Connecticut, USA University of Connecticut Dean of the School of Fine Arts
Kansas, USA University of Kansas Dean of the School of Music
North Carolina, USA University of North Carolina - Greensboro Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Theory
Indiana, USA University of Notre Dame Assistant Professor
Pennsylvania, USA University of Pennsylvania Assistant Professor
Wisconsin, USA University of Wisconsin – Madison Associate or Full Professor with Tenure
Connecticut, USA Wesleyan University Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor